Friday, 4 November 2016

How to Create Animated Presentation with Focusky PowerPoint Alternative?

For most of the people, when hearing the word “Presentation”, Microsoft PowerPoint may come to their mind. Undoubtedly, PowerPoint presentation has done a great favor for them to communicate an idea and thought to the audiences. However, things have changed a lot, application development has boomed and there are plenty of PowerPoint alternatives can be chosen such as Focusky, Prezi, Slidebean and more. These methods would also help you fully customize a presentation and make your work looks more stunning and professional.

In this blog, I would like to focus on the Focusky-best alternative to PowerPoint. And then some suggestions would be given to create your animated presentation.

1.Create Transition Effects

Focusky is a wonderful presentation tool which gives you a lot of options to create a promising presentation with transition effects. There are 3 ways to create forgettable transition effects:

Focusky gives you a modern way to tell your informative story. All your presentation design operation can be run on its unlimited canvas, and you can freely zooming in/ out o highlight your contents and create a 3D dynamic effects to your audiences. 

Rather than just moving from slide to slide, you can take good advantages of panning effect to present video presentation. Just move the canvas and then you can determine where your presentation is taking your audiences exactly.

You may really want to know how does Focusky perform its rotating feature, right? Well, every frame in the Focusky can be added a rotating effect to meet all your purposes. And the rotating angle of each frame is under your control. When you present your presentation to the audiences, all the stunning rotating effect will be shown completely.

2.Add Animation Effects

If you want to make an animated presentation, it is just like a piece of cake with Focusky, there are 4 styles of animation effects: entrance effects, emphasis effects, exit effects, action paths. There are more than 30 options of each type of animation, such as Banner Rotator, Bounce in Left, Aperture, Banner Rotator Exit, Path Custom etc. Each can be used to make the selected content be more eye-catching at any moment.

3.Insert Multiple Media and Publish for Share

Compared with PowerPoint, this program will make you easier to insert the media to enrich the digital content and publish your presentation work for worldwide sharing. Such medias as links, videos (local video, YouTube, Vimeo), audios, slideshow and more other wonderful media can be added to your presentation as you wish, even you have no any pre-records and pre-materials, everything can be done well. And then, after you fully customizing and highly editing, you can publish your item on the web and share it with others via email and social media (Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, LinkedIn etc).

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